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A Full Service Experience. Together. Vaco, Everyday People Inc. and You. Partnering for outsourced services that includes identifying, training, and certifying resources.

Six years of hiring and training recruiters in India has taught Everyday People Inc. (EPI) important lessons about offshore recruitment. This experience has provided the confidence to launch a company in India. Why?  They  understand the gaps between offshore solutions that work and ones that don’t .

Everyday People knows how to screen to find the best talent, and they understand the value of investing in training. They spend time into learning and understanding a client’s unique needs and what is required from their team. Their mission is to offer services from India that would be indistinguishable from onshore services.

EPI understands that effective communication is at the core of great service.  It doesn’t matter how good the script is, unless the person delivering that script has the skills to deliver it; therefore, we teach the importance of effective communication to each employee.

Not afraid to tell it how it is. We give honest and direct feedback to employees.

New hires need a lot of ongoing support and encouragement, but we also know the importance of preparing our people for the real world.  Not every person they speak with will be friendly or accommodating. EPI trains on how to recognize when they are not connecting, and they help them develop their own strategies to overcome such obstacles through role playing and communication techniques.

Based on Everyday People Inc.’s deep experience and understanding in identifying trained and certified people, we have partnered with EPI to provide a level of efficiency when it comes to providing exceptional resources for our clients.  

We understand that the swift implementation of solutions is important, and that all solutions must have practical application to enhance our clients’ ability to deliver excellence and safety.   We remain people-oriented during our journey. Innovation is for people. Everyday People.

EPI Training Program

The Training Program is designed to scale using a knowledge management platform to share information with peers, create engaging training materials, evaluate learners, and assess progress.

Part of keeping learners engaged is using gamification where ever possible in order to keep the structure and process fun! I.e. we have adapted our own version of Wordle that is played company-wide.  Each month the EPINC Wordle Champion is announced, and celebrated! Playing this game assists our team members to improve spelling and vocabulary.


Everyday People Inc. provides premium trainers to understand the process and needs of our clients. An offshore resource services of professional trainers based in India.

Online Training Portal

Online portal of resources available for training, valuable information, techniques, and activities to help with communication and ways to improve how to speak effectively and connect with others.


EPI’s Certification Program confirms and approves their trainers are prepared and that their skills are at an appropriate level to work at an American company. They will have to pass any spelling or vocabulary training before being certified.

"Good partnerships are the outcome of a mutual desire to help one another. Vaco believed in our vision and supported our uniqueness. The communication was excellent, and they worked with us to customize and scale our solution to fit their business. Our vision to deliver premium business solutions at value pricing has become a reality, and Vaco has been instrumental in motivating us to pursue our goal of expanding and scaling our model."
We have worked with thousands of clients across a diverse set of industries.