Top 4 Tips On How to Create a Strong Relationship With Your Boss

Does Your Boss Know You’re Awesome?

You navigate through life trying to win over someone you look up to or someone you consider a superior.  As you grow up, this mentality spills into your work life – this is often seen in a Boss-Employee relationship.  This intellect structure and the success of it, will open up opportunities for career advancement, salary increases and bonuses.  Take a look at these tips for leaving an awesome impression on your new boss!

·     Get to know your boss.

Getting to know your manager will give you the ability to recognize the way they prefer things to be done and how they expect information to be given or delivered to them. How does your boss essentially operate?  If you don’t know the answer to this, then ask! Trying to “figure out” your boss is counterproductive – you spend too much time on additional details and this thought process will usually add steps to a simple task.  Want to know what’s impressive to a boss?  Being two steps ahead of them!

·     Volunteer to take on new tasks.

Before you bite off more than you can chew, get comfortable with your position – know what is being expected of you and deliver 110%.  Follow-up with your boss to make sure you’re on track (tasks are getting done and on time).  KNOW YOUR JOB and have a good track record of performance.  This is one of the most important ways to impress your new boss, and it’s easy – be GREAT at what you do!  If your boss gives you a, “WOW! I’m so impressed!” response, don’t stop there, open yourself up to additional opportunities.  Volunteer for new tasks or roles (this demonstrates leadership and being a team player) but make sure they won’t interfere with the main tasks of your position.

·     Figure out how/when your boss likes to communicate.

When you and your boss first start working together, it’s a good idea to sit down and have a conversation with them about how they like to communicate. This will eliminate the chances of miscommunicating (which we all know is among the top 5 irritating situations in a workplace).  Good lines of communication with your boss can enhance your job satisfaction, confidence level, marketability, and most importantly, you will be a true value to your boss!

·     Stay out of gossip.

Leave the gossip up to the Mean Girls! Get to know your coworkers but limit conversations to work related matters and small talk, this is especially important when you’re a newbie.  Trash-talking an old employer only reveals negative personality traits about yourself – traits that a boss would prefer not to have in their workplace!  We all have been around that employee that slips and reveals more than they should, but there are few things, if none, that a boss can substitute for an employee that stays loyal to them and focuses on getting the job done!


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