Top 10 Ways to Retain Talent

In the ongoing war for talent, employers can really feel the pinch when top employees leave the company.

Here are 10 tips to ensure your employees stay for the duration of their careers.

1. Leadership

Thoughtful leadership breeds thoughtful employees. One should never underestimate the power of leading by example.

2. Strong mission and culture

Your company’s identity is an important recruiting tool. Millennials are especially mission-driven. Creating an environment that they feel connected to and proud to be a part of will go a long way towards workplace happiness.

3. Mentorship opportunities

Motivated employees will benefit from mentorship programs that are designed to foster relationships and encourage professional growth.

4. Flexibility

When companies feel they have the ability to take care of their personal matters when needed, they’ll be more present in their work. Having leniency when it comes to doctor appointments, sick days and other personal matters shows employees you care about them on and off the clock.

With the rise of telecommuting, you may even consider letting employees work from home from time to time.

5. Opportunities to socialize

Creating a fun and social workplace, one where employees view each other as friends in addition to colleagues, sets a positive tone for the workday. It also greatly reduces misunderstandings and promotes creative thinking.

6. Ask for feedback

If you want to know what employees really want out of their work experience, ask them. Anonymous surveys can illuminate simple changes that if acted upon will drastically improve the employee experience.

7. Provide the right tools, training and team

Understanding how your internal teams work together is crucial to creating an environment where each individual employee thrives. Part of this is having a pulse on the type of work styles and temperaments that make up the team.

Balancing these different personalities is just as important as proving adequate tools and training programs to help employees with the functional aspects of their work.

8. Empower employees

Giving a certain level of autonomy and trust signals to employees that what they do matters. This encourages them to take initiative and think outside the box. The happiest employees are those truly committed and connected to the work they do.

9. Clearly communicate expectations

Confusion in the workplace is a surefire way to scare employees away. Sharing expectations positively and clearly is the best way.

10. Ask employees for referrals

The best source for new talent is current employees. They are not only your best salespeople, but also know your company through and through. Offering a recruiting bonus is a great way to incentivize internal employees to bring talent to your organization.

Keri Ann Warner serves as staffing manager at Vaco Arizona, the local office of Vaco, a $300M consulting and strategic solutions firm. Warner specializes in matching high-caliber professionals with Arizona’s top companies. To learn how Vaco Arizona can help you, email her at


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