Tips to Eliminate Time Wasters and Become More Efficient at Work

In today’s workplace, everything seems to be running at such high speeds that we feel as if we can’t catch up. Unfortunately, the largest time wasters are the ones we usually don’t recognize – they can be the root of our frustration and steal hours from our day. So, what are these time wasters and how do we eliminate them? Check out these essential tips on how to be more efficient at work.

Manage your manager

One of the biggest time wasters at work is the result of not being 100% aware of what is expected of you. Have you ever started doing something, only to find out that you’ve been doing it the wrong way or are taking unnecessary steps? Most of the small, not-so-obvious time wasters revolve around a lack of communication. To avoid this, schedule times to meet with your boss. It is important to take the initiative because they are just as busy, if not busier, than you. The benefit of scheduling a brief meeting is that it allows you to touch base and verify that you are on the correct path.

Put your phone away

This is an obvious distraction, yet the hardest one to break. Scenario: Your phone is on your desk, you see XYZ has texted you, so you decide to look at it and respond. This scenario does not seem to be a huge distraction on its own, but if you answer multiple text messages/personal phone calls, they will collectively end up occupying several hours of your day. Text messages, personal email alerts, and other notifications are the top distractions in a work environment and it is a known fact that having your cell phone out reduces concentration.

Strategically ask questions

If you are uncertain about something, do not be afraid to ask about it – especially if they are carefully considered questions! Strategic thinking is needed in order to tackle big tasks. Compile a list of questions as you complete assigned tasks and ask them all at once. This not only represents you in a professional manner but is also more time efficient for everyone involved.

Build a routine

Make sure you have set tasks to accomplish every morning. Building a routine will allow you to be able to sit down and get straight to work. This ensures that you will not waste time figuring out where to focus your attention when you first get to the office. It simply becomes a habit to sit down at your desk and have set tasks to accomplish. It will keep you more organized and eliminate the chance of you forgetting to complete something.

Take breaks

Burnout is not uncommon when people don’t take breaks from their work. When you leave the office for the day or take a break, you either shut down your computer or put it to sleep. The same goes for you! This may sound like a strange way to be more effective but it is good to give your brain a break. Take time to get up, walk around, eat a snack, drink some coffee, etc. This will allow you to get back to work after you have recharged and refreshed your brain.


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