Vaco SF Team

Business Strategy Consultant

Rob Schoemehl

What brought you to Vaco? What drew your interest?

Working with people I like and respect is what brought me to Vaco. Having known Jim Jhanda previous to working for him, I was confident in his style.

Why should anyone choose Vaco SF for Managed Services/Contingent Workforce?

Simply put….We are easy and fun to work with.

What’s the toughest business decision that you’ve ever made at this point in your career?

Leaving my previous well-paying career to become a stay at home dad for 5 years.

What’s the best thing about working at Vaco?

No question….It’s the people.

Describe your work style.

I call it “George Costanza Style”

Favorite quote:

“I once had a teacher who thought I was better than I was. So I was.”

Word that best describes you:


Beyond The Bio

Favorite Movie of all time:
Breakfast Club
What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
Favorite vacation spot:
Oahu, HI
If you were deserted on an island, who would you want to find on the other end?
Eddie Aikau “Eddie would go”
What are some qualities you value in a person?
Intelligence, kindness , humor.
What things do you find yourself doing that you said you'd never do?
Raising a smart, beautiful, kind daughter
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