Vaco SF Team

Sr. Technology Recruiter

Mithil Patel

What brought you to Vaco? What drew your interest?
The passion for recruiting is what brought me to Vaco! The entrepreneurial nature of the organization is what drew my interest to be a part of Vaco

Why should anyone choose Vaco SF for Managed Services/Contingent Workforce?
It reduces the headache for the key producers by letting us manage that; which in turn gives them time to focus on more important business decisions.

What’s the toughest business decision that you’ve ever made at this point in your career? Explain.
Have to make those on a daily basis – Finding the best person for the job in hand!

What’s the best thing about working at Vaco?
Being Entrepreneurial, I love impacting careers of people, it gives me a sense of achievement! Here at Vaco the work environment is great, there is a lot of appreciation and it feels like I’m home with my extended family!

Describe your work style.
Be a step ahead as far as Hard work goes!

Favorite Quote:
“There is only one religion in the world – Hard Work!” – Shahrukh Khan

Word that best describes you:
There are different characteristics of a person – 1 word can’t do the job!

Beyond The Bio

Favorite Movie of all time:
Hollywood – Fast n Furious series / Bollywood: Chak De
What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
Late Comers
Top 3 CDs or Artists of all time:
A.R. Rahman, Kumar Sanu, Kishore kumar, Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan
Favorite vacation spot:
Yet to be determined – World is too big, and I want to explore more (Pattaya, Jamaica, Dubai – to name a few)
If you were on a deserted island who would you want to find on the other end of the island?
My wife Priyanka, Mom and my pawter Lexi – my world is complete
Name 3 items you must have if you were deserted on an island?
Chicken, Scotch and a bed
What are some qualities you value in a person?
Honesty, Sense of humor and Intellect
What things do you find yourself doing that you said you’d never do?
Working on the Weekends
We have worked with thousands of clients across a diverse set of industries.