Vaco SF Team

Associate Director, Sr. Recruiter

Charlie Cubillas

What brought you to Vaco? What drew your interest?
The first time I joined Vaco, it was because of my friend and mentor Jim Jhanda – this time it’s simply because Vaco feels like home to me, I’m surrounded by like-minded people who feel like family, and I think these feelings bring out the best in me.

Why should anyone choose Vaco SF for Managed Services/Contingent Workforce?
Because the ones that can do it at the level that we do, aren’t nearly as fun as we are – which matters when you work with people and you’re hoping to retain them for the long run.

What’s the toughest business decision that you’ve ever made at this point in your career? Explain
Leave Vaco when I had equity to the fastest growing office (currently the largest by several multiples) in the nation, let go of personnel when I had to cut back on personnel after Covid-19 cost us our top account, leave the business I founded once the relationship with my business partner deteriorated beyond repair.

What’s the best thing about working at Vaco?
They embrace entrepreneurship

Describe your work style
Business casual 😊

Favorite Quote:
Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow.

Word that best describes you:



Beyond The Bio

Favorite movies of all time:
What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
Disorganized cutlery… like, put the small forks with the other small forks damnit!
Name 3 items you must have if you were deserted on an island?
Boat, RV, Starlink
What are some qualities you value in a person?
Kindness, helpfulness, humility
What things do you find yourself doing that yo said you'd never do?
Enjoy raising a 3rd kid
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