Resume Detective

A hiring manager has to get through hundreds of resumes in a short time to find a handful of candidates that may be qualified for an open position. Research suggests that a hiring manager can take anywhere from 6 seconds to 1 minute skimming a resume. Here are a few things to quickly look out for when separating the yes’ from the no’s pile.

Typos and grammatical errors: As a hiring manager, the resume is the first impression of a potential future employee. Double check that there are zero typos or grammatical errors. The quality of work they put into their resume will likely reflect what they will do in work tasks. Typos and grammatical errors indicate a lack of diligence.

Minimal details and specifics: Specifics and details in any position are critical. Minimal details and specifics on a resume can lead to the exclusion of important information on the job. A resume is the first step of a future employee showing how clear and concise their work is.

Education: Double / triple check the education section of a candidate’s resume. Watch out for the amount of years they attended a university vs. if they list an Associate’s / Bachelor’s / Master’s degree. Also, ensure the degree comes from an actual and/or accredited university or college.

Email address: Does the candidate have a professional email address?

Resume Detective

The email address can give insights to who you may consider hiring for your department. The email address included should be personal and not their work email.

No contact information: A resume should not only include job tenure, education, zero grammatical errors, and a strong work background but also the individual’s contact information, this includes at minimum their email address and a good number to reach them at.

Personal Details: Including personal data on a resume is a rookie move. Information such as marital status, hobbies, race, religion, age, etc. should not be included on a professional resume.

A messy resume: A resume is a representation of the candidate and needs to be properly formatted. If it is messy, this may be a clue of their lack of organization on the job.

Headshot: A resume should only include relevant contact information such as name, address, phone number, and email. A headshot is not required unless you are hiring a model.

A history of job hopping: If the candidate has a history of switching jobs regularly, this could be an indicator that the individual gets bored easily or cannot keep a job.

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