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Creating solutions for data quality and compliance for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. 


Pharmaceutical Company


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Data Quality and Compliance

When one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies  – with more than $30 billion in annual revenue and 100,000+ employees – needed a new, revised solution for providing a single view of investigator data, they trusted Vaco to complete the project. Vaco was tasked with creating a solution to extract master data in the narrow sense of key business entities, standardize other data, and help data stewards achieve data quality for source systems within the MDM system and compliance in consuming systems. To solve the challenge, Vaco introduced Informatica MDM MultiDomain Edition as the MDM, Data Quality and Data Governance solution for the project. During the initial phase of the project, all investigator data was extracted from the core backend systems. Within the context of the project, master data was cleansed and migrated into the Informatica MDM Hub. From this point forward, the business operation transformed so each new person, product, or organization must first be inserted into the MDM Hub and then shared online to the appropriate backend system over a SOA based integration layer and according to rules pertinent to each one of the backend systems.

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