Case Study: Multinational Internet Search Giant

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Multinational Internet Search Company


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Mobile Testing Outsourcing

Our client understood the value of mobile testing and knew the risk of cutting corners on testing could be detrimental – from losing customers and damaged brand reputation to stakeholder dissatisfaction and revenue leakage – it would be a huge risk. Our client also realized the mobility testing demand increase and the challenge in finding qualified testers. So when our client had a dynamic application, rich with integrated media and complex navigational elements, they struggled to meet the demand with only having a few testers working on an extremely tight deadline. They needed assistance and to ensure that a proposed solution would work efficiently and securely with their vision of a new testing team. Therefore, this multinational internet search giant turned to Vaco. We provided a solution for testing their portfolio of mobile applications and ensuring the confidence needed to release the applications on time and with quality assurance. We partnered with this global company and provided outsourced test resources and quickly built, managed and led the team.

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Vaco helped our client successfully test and release their mobile application on-time and with full confidence.

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