Case Study: Large U.S. Bank

A large U.S. bank trusted Vaco to work with customer data and migrate and onboard 23M+ customer accounts and brokerage portfolios in only 9 months. And it was done without downtime.


Large U.S. Bank


Managed Services


Finance, Banking

Customer Profile Migration

When two large U.S. Banks needed to merge customer profiles and investment portfolios from multiple enterprises, they needed a safe, secure process to migrate data and onboard profiles. Since the information was sensitive, data security was a major concern and a non-negotiable. There was a high standard for quality control and assurance with an acceptable margin of error at 0%. With an anticipated timeline of 36 months, our Vaco team rose the challenge and completed the project – safely and securely – with limited downtime and in only nine months.

Solutions & Results

  • Developed a series of procedures to extract and consolidate data from multiple heterogeneous technology platforms.

  • Established audit checks and controls to ensure data lineage and information security controls were maintained.
  • Executed the migration in a phased approach by customer/portfolio.
  • Established contingency plans for Day One, Month One, Quarter One operations and reporting.
  • Completed the migration after hours mitigating risk and eliminating the need for downtime.

Success Statistics

Vaco executed the consolidation of 23M+ customer accounts, 7M+ relationships, and $1T+ in assets in only 9 months, and the migration was completed during a 72-hour window outside of market trading hours.

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Customer Accounts Consolidated

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