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Ensuring data precision and accuracy by streamlining collection and verification processes.




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Managing Data Workflows

Vaco manages crisis response workflows for Google. Every optimization and improvement can mean lives saved and therefore, data precision and accuracy is of the utmost importance. Google trusted Vaco to provide a solution to ensure that data collection was streamlined, accurate, and would would be protected. Vaco created data ingestion tools that streamlined the data collection and reporting process and protected data on the backend with automated verifications and locked data repositories. In addition to notable workflow time savings and improved data integrity, the new detection tooling increased transparency for stakeholders and increased their confidence in data and sharing.

Solutions & Results

  • Streamlined data collection and reporting processes.
  • Workflows experienced increased efficiency.
  • Workflow time was saved at an estimated 8 percent.
  • Protected data on the backend with automated verifications and locked data repositories
  • Increased stakeholder transparency and data confidence.

Success Statistics

Vaco helped our client successfully transform by streamlining processes, protecting data, and creating optimized workflows.

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