Case Study: Global Financial Conglomerate

Moving from manual to automated processes to increase speed of software development lifecycle and improve product performance.


Global Financial Conglomerate


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Finance, Banking

Product Development Lifecycle

Using Word documents and Excel sheets for reporting, a global banking conglomerate realized that the current business processes were not effectively answering auditors’ questions and these manual functions would not be able to keep pace with the changing business. Governed by federal and state compliance requirements, the company had layers of complexity to navigate when proposing any changes to the business processes. Their manual build process included hand-crafted scripts and regularly required fixes,¬†which proved to be an impediment to deploying code more frequently and was creating an extended software development lifecycle. Therefore, Vaco Technology assessed the situation and proposed Puppet Enterprise to provide a comprehensive solution to their IT issues and challenges.

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Vaco helped our client successfully transform into a leading agile development environment quickly and increased their productivity.

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