Case Study: Financial Services Organization

Replacing outdated technology to streamline processes and increase customer satisfaction.


Financial Services Organization


Consulting, Managed Services


Finance, Banking

Managing Customer Information

Our client is a financial services organization with over 40,000 employees and 1,800 branches and service centers across Australia, Asia Pacific, the UK, and USA. They provide high quality banking and financial services and their customer relationships are built on principles of comprehensive financial guidance and advice. The client is one of the top 20 banks in the World, and consists of numerous brands with offerings across Business, Consumer, and Wholesale Banking, Wealth Management, and Insurance. The client wanted to increase profitability but faced significant issues with customer satisfaction, compliance and risk management, and customer retention due to disparate systems and processes for managing customer information. Vaco was part of a large project team implementing a wide variety of integrated Oracle platforms to replace outdated, stagnant, and costly legacy technology.

Solutions & Results

  • Data quality was improved and duplicate data was reduced by 40% and contributed to enabling a complete understanding of customers to deliver consistent, high quality service.
  • Enhanced business agility and competitiveness as a result of better operational and management visibility, further enabling adaptation and market competitiveness.
  • Created the ability to cross-sell and up-sell through improved understanding of banking clients.
  • Improved employee effectiveness and satisfaction through simple processes and platform.
  • Able to meet or exceed compliance, fraud reporting, and risk management requirements and goals.

Success Statistics

By making internal changes to systems and processes our client improved overall business functions resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

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Reduction in Duplicate Data
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Productivity Increase

Client Testimonial

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