Make a Wise, Beneficial Decision for Your Business!

5 Reasons to Hire a Recent College Graduate

  • New grads don’t come with “baggage”

Recent college graduates are in their ‘purest’ form in the sense that they have not learned any bad habits at a previous company. They are also readily available to be molded into your company culture.

  • Lower Salary Costs

One of the most appealing aspects of hiring a recent graduate is that a business can offer a lower compensation package since the new hire lacks experience. Experienced candidates have a higher compensation expectation due to their already established years of experience and maintaining a certain lifestyle.

  • Continuous Learners

Recent graduates just finished studying for their last round of finals over 4 years. They are comfortable with the study mode and will be self-motivated to continuously learn.

  • Comfortable with ALL Types of Technology & Social Media

Without question, new grads are extremely comfortable with new, innovative technology. New grads are able to quickly learn business software and Microsoft Office. Having trouble with a PowerPoint presentation? Ask your recent new hire graduate to whip that up for you! Most likely, they recently finished one for a final presentation with all the bells and whistles! Don’t forget about social media!

  • Skilled Team Players

Teamwork is a huge part of any company culture. The majority of recent college graduates have experience working with teams. This comes naturally to them and they will have no problem jumping right into a team project.

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