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Data Redaction…in Action

October 12, 2020 / Redacting unnecessary personal identifiable information (PII) brings an elevated level of security for customers. In this episode, Vaco and NEC-X discuss how their new solution uses AI/ML to control and eliminate sensitive PII data.

An Unknown Threat

June, 2020 / Just when you think we’ve got a good handle on the Cyber Crime of Identity Theft, up pops a new way that hackers are creating havoc. Synthetic Fraud, also referred to as Frankenstein Identity Theft, is a new and innovative way being used to fraud financial institutions and individuals. And if you […]

A Perfect Partnership for AIML Innovation

SANTA CLARA, Ca., June 22, 2020 / As corporations work through the challenges of getting the most value from technology, Vaco and NEC have forged a partnership to help enterprises find the right combination of innovative hardware and software platforms. In this episode, we showcase how artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) can be leveraged […]