Can You Recognize a Top Performer?

A-Player Characteristics

  • Someone committed to their job – Vaco Mantra: “Be willing to play until the whistle blows!”

Hint: Shows up early to the interview.

It’s safe to say nothing great is accomplished easily.  You want someone who is results oriented, hardworking, and someone who has the desire to execute.  Ambitious employees work hard to do the best they can and will always think of ways to improve their performance.  These types of people will work until the task is completed.  Let’s be honest – no one likes a quitter!

  • Someone with the ability and desire to learn quickly – Vaco Lingo: “Be Entrepreneurial and Innovative”

Hint: The more questions the interviewee asks, the better.

Take this into consideration, especially with new hires!  It’s so refreshing to know you’re hiring someone who is trainable. The level of curiosity a person holds is a measurable trait that is an excellent indicator as to whether or not a person has the desire to learn.


  • Someone that will fit into the work culture – Vaco Jargon: “Be Coachable, Be Electable and Stay Team Focused”

Hint: What types of things are they generally really proud of about themselves? – Would your team’s answer be the same?

Make sure you will enjoy working with your new hire on a daily basis.  Will your current employees enjoy working with this individual?  This is when personality comes into play – this can be the difference between an employee who fails to be a fit versus an excellent individual who will put you ahead of the game.

  • Someone engaged with your vision – Vaco Vernacular: “Proud to wear the jersey!”

Hint: What are the reasons why they want to work there? – Does it align with your values and mission statement?  Did they press you to sell your vision?

Your new hire should be passionate about the method you use to conduct business.  What do they ask about beyond the job description?  These types of things will improve your ability to attain a candidate with the enthusiasm you’re looking for.  With that being said, you don’t want someone who is exactly like you.  Have you ever experienced a close call with a business disaster because you overlooked something?  Hiring an employee that can cover your blind spots is imperative.

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