An Innovative and Dynamic Approach to Fulfill Your Workforce Needs

Benefits of Hiring a Contract Employee

Vaco puts the right people together on the right journeys, which means that it sometimes requires a focused consulting solution or maybe the right team of consultants to work on a critical project. Often we are asked, “What are the benefits of a contract employee?”


• It is a cost effective way to cover maternity leaves, family or medical leaves, and vacations

A contract employee can work during an employee’s absence to keep the work flow going. Most contract employees have a wide range of skills and can step in very quickly with little to no training. Full-time employees cost companies more than just a salary – consider costs associated with training, vacation time, sick days, etc. Vaco will take on all of these costs, as well as the responsibility of recruiting, screening, and skill testing, just to name a few. Bottom line, hiring a contract employee through Vaco is a lot more convenient and has significant opportunity cost value.

• It is great way to “try out” a candidate

How many of you have taken a vehicle on a test drive before you bought it? Same concept here! You get to see if the candidate will fit in with the company culture and you can make sure they have the right skill set for the job. Risk is minimal. Nine times out of ten, Vaco matches the best candidate on the first try, but if for some reason the candidate is not a fit, it is easy to call Vaco and have the candidate replaced to better match your need. This is a great way for you to evaluate a position. Is the position right for your company? It gives you an opportunity to easily dissolve the position. On the other hand, when a candidate is a great match, you are able to quickly add a fantastic person to your team!

• If you are looking for a specialized skill set or seasonal help

We see this regularly, especially during tax season. A firm realizes that during tax season their business and demand will increase significantly. This allows them to bring on additional people for a short period of time to ensure the work gets done in a timely manner.

Bringing in a temporary employee allows your company to be easily adaptable to varying workloads by giving you the convenient option to add and deduct support as needed without having to fully invest in full-time salaries. With that being said, it also eliminates the headache of dealing with layoffs when there is no longer a need for the employee’s specialized skill set. Make no mistake that Vaco ensures the contract employee is fully aware of this and is on board with the whole process as well!

• Taxes and headcount

It costs a lot of money to bring on a permanent employee as far as training, payroll taxes and insurance. When you have a contract employee, Vaco is the one who is picking up these costs and responsibilities! Because we are experts at handling time-consuming processes like recruiting, screening, and skill testing, you will be able to freely focus on your company’s core specialty. In the midst of all of that, we also take on the responsibility of providing a wide-range of benefits for the contract employee, which is a huge cost relief for your company.

• If you are looking to bring someone on but cannot find the perfect person

A contract employee can come in quickly and keep the workflow going without the rest of the staff being overworked. If you need more time to search for the perfect person, but find that the open role has too much of a negative impact on your department’s assignments, a contract employee can step in to fill that void and you can continue to interview until you find the perfect candidate.

Although contract employment isn’t always the answer, it’s important to recognize when and why contract workers are preferred. It’s always a good idea to evaluate your business needs and the situation to determine the most effective approach. If you think a contract position is right for your company but you don’t know what steps to take now, partner with Vaco and you can be certain that you will get a game-changing hire to help fuel your growth.

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