8 Simple Tips for a Phone Interview

Basic interview prep is something that seems elementary…right? Unfortunately, it’s not the case. I’ve hired thousands of people and inevitably things are simply forgotten. The phone interview is the first step you’ll need to pass before being invited in for a face to face meeting. Below are my top 8 tips for a simple phone interview.


1. Be energetic! Stand up while on the phone, speak up and speak clearly. Now that we live in the day of mobile/cell phones, make sure you are in an area with crystal clear reception.

2. Have your own resume in front of you to follow along. (getting lost regarding your own career is a red flag.)

3. Articulate your reasons why you left your recent employer and remember – never bad mouth a previous employer.

4. Speak up about any promotions, recommendations, and extra responsibilities.

5. Be prepared to offer examples for questions such as “Tell me a time when…” or “What would you do in the first week if you were hired?”

6. Research the company prior to your interview. (Hiring managers see this as a sign of genuine interest in their company. Be prepared to understand what their business is, does, and doesn’t do.)

7. Study the job description and pick out the key requirements that match your background.

8. Ask questions if offered. (even it’s “How’d I do?” or “Can I have this job??”)


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