10 Technology Trends of Summer

Advances in the information technology field are heating up this summer.

Cooperation between devices, analytics-assisted business decisions, and enhanced security are just three trends to keep an eye on. Companies are beginning to learn that it’s better (and more cost effective) to be proactive when it comes to protecting their customer and employee data.

Here, Vaco’s top technology consultants share what IT trends they think will be heating up this summer:

1. Data analytics– More and more organizations are relying on data analytics to make better informed business decisions. In no other specialty is this most apparent than in marketing. In an August 2015 report, VentureBeat found that brands plan to increase spending on marketing analytics by 73 percent over the next three years.

2. Device mesh– In simple terms, the device mesh refers to the mix of devices we all use – smart phones, wearables, consumer and home devices, etc. Each device is considered an endpoint for interaction with people, communities, governments and business. Historically each endpoint or device has operated independently of each other. However, as the devise mesh evolves, so will cooperation between devices.

3. Information security– Over the last few years, some of the worst IT breaches in history – Verizon, LinkedIn, Target, Sony, etc. – have plagued businesses and consumers alike. VACO’s Technology Risk & Compliance Solutions consultants have seen a sharp rise in demand for their services. Companies are beginning to learn that it’s better (and more cost effective) to be proactive when it comes to protecting their customer and employee data.

4. Virtualization– There are three areas of IT where virtualization is quickly evolving: network virtualization, storage virtualization and server virtualization. These three resources allow for enhanced flexibility and security.

5. Data mining– This is the process of discovering patterns in large data sets and then using said patterns to make business decisions. This process is playing a big role in how leaders allocate budgets and set goals. They are taking advantage of the huge repositories of data that have been sitting untouched for years.

6. 3D printing materials – Advances in 3D printing have quickly moved from prototype phase to a marketable finished good. While it isn’t poised (at least right now) to overcome traditional manufacturing, it does open a lot of doors for consumer items. The Boston Consulting Group claims that 3D printing technology is expected to reach mainstream adoption within the next five years.

7. Adaptive security architecture – Current blocking and prevention methods are increasingly ineffective against advanced hacks and the everyday complexities of operating a business in the digital and global age. An adaptive security architecture seeks to remedy this by leveraging multiple security platforms that monitor 24/7 – allowing for enhanced automation, better controls and integrated security and management of data.

8. Big data analytics enters the boardroom– Big data has been on the rise for years, but it is just now making its foray into the boardroom. Today’s emerging leaders are tech savvy, digital executives who know how to leverage data to increase their bottom line.

9. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects — devices, vehicles, buildings, coffee makers, etc. that are connected to an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). Going forward, anything that can be connected to the internet will be and everything that can be connected to each other will be.

10. Cloud Computing is quickly replacing standard enterprise storage systems. The cost benefit is obvious, but cloud computing also offers businesses the ability to scale (and de-scale) quickly, automate software updates, enhance collaboration among teams and enjoy the flexibility of accessing information from anywhere. Forbes reports that, “CIOs expect cloud consumption (private/public/hybrid) to rise from 31 percent in 2014 to 58 percent in 20r>18.”

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John Lacourciere is the business development manager at Vaco Arizona, the local office of Vaco, a $300 million consulting and strategic solutions company. He specializes in matching high-caliber technology professionals with Arizona’s top companies.
Lacourciere, J. Wed, 5, June 2016. “10 Technology Trends of Summer.” Phoenix Business Journal. Retrieved from http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/news/2016/06/15/10-technology-trends-for-this-summer.html